Our Services

People to People


Havana Culinary and Culture is the leader in organizing legal, customized travel to Cuba. Our people-to-people license (No. CT-2013-300203-1) allows us to legally bring U.S. citizens and residents to Cuba in order to learn about the county and its people. We also work closely with Cuba Educational Travel (No. CT-2012-294261-1), another people-to-people license holder. Whether you want to interact with the Cuban arts community, learn how to prepare traditional dishes from Cuban chefs, collaborate with small farmers involved in sustainable agriculture, or learn about some other aspect of Cuban society, Havana Culinary and Culture will organize the most dynamic trip possible to ensure you get the real Cuban experience. All trips provide a set of activities that give a general overview of the history and culture of the country and maximize interaction with Cubans of different walks of life. There is no minimum number of participants and our groups range from two to twenty-five participants.

Research Trips


Cuba offers exciting research opportunities in everything from science to the arts. However, navigating the process for receiving permission from the U.S. and Cuban governments can be tricky and time-consuming. Furthermore, access to key individuals and sites is vital for successful research trips to the island. We can facilitate the approval process and assist and/or develop your research agenda in Cuba. Havana Culinary and Culture also provides advice and assistance on Treasury Department licensing issues and the visa request process with the Cuban government.

Educational Exchange Programs


Havana Culinary and Culture aids in the development and implementation of educational exchange programs. Developing educational programs in Cuba can be complicated and costly. We provide assistance in everything from lodging and travel logistics to curriculum development and partnering with academic institutions in Cuba. Whether a 1-2 week research trip or a semester-long exchange program, Havana Culinary and Culture will help you develop the best program at the best price. We provide advice and assistance on all Treasury Department licensing issues as well.

Organize Conferences in Cuba


Havana Culinary and Culture offers assistance in organizing and hosting conferences and seminars in Cuba. We also specialize in bringing Cuban academics, musicians and businesspeople to the United States for interactions with their peers. We can help you find Cuban partners, assist in the logistics and ensure compliance of all U.S. and Cuban government guidelines and regulations.